Sunday, September 21, 2008

Decision Made!!!

I have made up my mind! Aaron and I have spent a lot of time talking about what our plans are for next Spring when he finishes up with school. We were going to take our Paris vacation after graduation, but Aaron wants to spend all of that time studying for the bar. So we may try and take our vacation in March during Spring Break. That is when Aaron feels it would be best to take it, but we will see.

Meanwhile in all of this planning, our original plan all along was for Aaron to move out to Utah, take the classes for the bar and study and take the bar. I was going to stay in Oregon and continue to work and make the big bucks (Haha!!! Yeah right!) until he finished with the bar. However, I have decided against this. I had my first official full Monday off a couple of weeks ago, and decided that two months of working at this job without my best friend by my side would drive me completely looney! I decided my sanity was more important than having a few extra dollars in the bank account. I think I will move to Blanding and help my parents with some things, and maybe see if I can work part time at the local Child Welfare office. I feel a lot better since making this decision and hope everything works out for us. I think it will, but I have to say now that I know I won't be living up here in Oregon by myself with my crazy job has helped my state of mind, so we will see how it goes. Even though I will miss Aaron, let's face it, I still wouldn't see him even if I stayed with him, plus Blanding is only 5 hours from SLC. Plus I am excited to see my parents, and brother and sister and all my neices and nephews again and all of my friends!!!


Yes, Aaron and I are still alive, although we don't have anything to really blog about. Last weekend we went to Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel, which is a really tiny town about 20 minutes outside of Salem. It is a nice little quaint town. Nothing too exciting happened. We ate some mediocre food and had an interesting dessert. Last year the bratwursts tasted better. I don't think we went to the best place. Then for dessert we ate deep fried oreos. They were....interesting. I think that this is putting it politely. I actually liked how it made the Oreo kind of warm and goey, but we did not like the batter it was fried in. At least when I die and I can say I tried deep fried Oreos. It was fun though to get out and walk around the little town of Mt. Angel. They had some cute little booths set up and some cute stores around town. They also had a gigantic catholic church and it was pretty cool. All in all, it was a pretty good evening, even if it seems the only reason people go to Oktoberfest is to drink huge amounts of beer, which we as teetotalers did not do.

Our deep fried Oreos.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we celebrated Labor day by taking a break from our labors and went back up to Seattle after I got off of work Thursday evening. Mama Jane and Papa Doc (Aaron's grandparents) were on an Alaskan cruise so we went up to see them while they were in Seattle. I also was able to finally meet Aaron's uncle Bob and aunt Peggy who I had not yet met. We were only able to visit with them briefly because they had a long 10 hour drive to get back home to Montana. Mama Jane and Peggy gave us a briefing on their cruise which only made me want to go on a cruise even more. Incidentally, I was talking to my dad on Sunday and he informed me that my uncle Elmer and aunt Lea were on the same cruise.

Here we are: Papa Doc, Aaron, Marjean, Peggy and Bob (Mama Jane was taking the pic)

After Bob and Peggy left for home, we went to Pike's Place Market. We braved the crowds and Mama Jane bought us some more of the awesome blueberry syrup and also some chocolates which were divine. Then we went to lunch at a little place inside the market which happens to be where they shot a scene in the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

This stool I am sitting on is where Tom Hanks sat in the scene. The little plaque says that, but you can't really read it. I guess I will now have to watch Sleepless in Seattle.

This last picture is at Pioneer Square Park. The old part of Seattle was burnt down in this area, and they just built on top of it. This monument is dedicated to Seattle's firemen who have died in action. Thank you Mama Jane and Papa Doc for the wonderful time! It was great seeing you again!

Today we went on a picnic at the park. After Aaron and I set up all our blankets and got the food all set out and were loading up our plates with food, I asked Aaron to pass me the BBQ pork. Unfortunately, that was the one thing we forgot. It was pretty funny. So we ate what we had and then went home and finished our BBQ pork sandwiches. But before we went home, I had a craving for these little blueberry truffles that Sees Candy has. Since we were just a little ways away from Sees we thought we would stop by. Unfortunately, they were closed, but we did meet a man who kept asking us for money and then threatened to mug us if we didn't give him any. Anyways, it was quite the afternoon!