Friday, June 24, 2011

Cowgirl Piper

Last weekend we took Piper to Thanksgiving Point to see their farm animals. We saw goats, Llamas, turkeys, chickens, peacocks, horses, cows, pigs, ducks and rabbits. Piper's favorite thing was riding a pony. She was so excited and thought it was awesome!

Trying to pet the Llama.

Not quite sure about the goat.

Then she sees the horses. "I want that!" Piper's exact words. Good thing Nina and Papa have horses she can ride when we visit, so we can say she can ride all the horses she wants at Nina's and Papa's.

The best part! What a blast!

Then it was time to pet some animals.....

As much as this little guy wanted to be pet, and try as I might, I could not get Piper to pet this adorable little Jersey calf. I think she knows from petting the calves at great grandma Penrod's house that cows lick. When I took her to Grandma Penrod's a couple of months ago a baby calf licked her and she did not like it. But then I held out my hand and let the cow lick me, and then she decided if mom was okay with the cow licking her, it must not be too bad. But I think she must remember, because she refused to pet this adorable calf.

Another funny thing, they had two peacocks that had their tails fanned out, but did she show any interest? No, she wanted to go back and watch the ugly chickens!!!

All in all a fun day at Thanksgiving Point. I am however very, very disappointed in how they keep their rabbits. Two of their rabbits were practically on deaths door. Most of the rabbits had severe eye infections and all of them were in bad health (I could tell by their poop) I was very frustrated and wanted to take them away, not that I could take any more rabbits. Two is definitely enough for me.


Christina said...

You are so funny with the rabbits. I LOVE seeing pictures of Piper. She is such a beautiful little girl! And you do her hair so cute. FUN! I wish we lived closer.

Kim said...

Fun! We LOVE Thanksgiving Point - we've had a pass for the past couple of years. (It just expired, though.) It's really fun there, with lots of different places to go.

Jessica Davis said...

Lookin cute on that pony :D We will have to take the girls for a horse ride at the ranch one day....when we are not pregnant.

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