Monday, January 26, 2009

Children are special people too

Even though Aaron and I don't have any children yet, I am lucky enough to get to be around kids quite a bit. And I have to say that I feel very priveleged because of this. I feel this way this week in particular. Kids are so much smarter and more perceptive than what we adults give them credit for. I have a little girl on my caseload and I went and visited her on Friday and we were sitting and talking, and some of the things she said just blew me away. She is only six. She was telling me about how much she loved being in her foster home because she gets food and attention, but she misses her mom and her brothers and she wants to go home. She then began telling me about how she is confused by this and asked if there was room in heart for both of her "moms" or if her heart wasn't big enough yet because she was only six. Oh my goodness, at that point I wanted to cry and give her a big hug. She was very serious, and I was blown away by how smart she is. I assured her that her heart was big enough for both her mom and her foster mom, and she seemed very happy to have a heart big enough for both of them.

I also teach primary at church, and I have to say I love it. I taught primary after Aaron and I got married, but this time it is different. I think I learned a lot while being Relief Society president, and I can see how my experiences there are helping me in primary. I have to say I love my calling. I think it is such a privilege to teach children. They are like little sponges. (When they are listening that is.) And yes, we struggle with that as well. Yesterday though was a great day, and I think the children actually learned something from my lesson and had fun. I have been reminded a time or two how smart children really are. One little boy made a comment a couple of weeks ago, that was very perceptive and I don't think an adult could have done a better job at answering the question. It was amazing. These children are so special, and I am so happy to have the opportunity to be their primary teacher. I know Heavenly Father loves them and is vitally interested in their growth and happiness, and we as adults need to do our best to take care of them.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Well December came and went in a blur of work and activities. Aaron and I had a wonderful Christmas, although we were lucky to get out of Oregon. It had been snowing in Oregon and of course, Oregonians are not equipped to deal with snowy conditions. Our flight was supposed to leave early Saturday morning, but we did not get out until about 4:30, but we were lucky to get out. Our pilot informed us that we were the last flight out of PDX that day. Needless to say we were relieved, especially since there was a huge ice storm that came the next day, I don't think we would have made it out the next day either. It kind of put a damper on our plans, because we did not get to spend as much time with Paul and Mikelle and their family as we had planned. Sunday morning I drove up to Brigham City to see my friend Jessica and her new baby girl. Then Paul and Mikelle had a dinner party that night and we were able to catch up with some old friends. We had a good time. Annika and Sydney are getting so big, and they were so cute!

Monday we were going to drive to Blanding and stop and see my Grandma Penrod on the way. It started snowing like crazy and the roads in Utah County were horrible. I called UDOT to check the status of Spanish Fork Canyon, but chains or 4 wheel drive were required. Well, our little rental had neither, so we went to see my grandma and wait out the weather. It calmed down after a couple of hours and my aunt Jeanean suggested we go through Salina and then across I-70. We decided to do this, and the roads were still pretty bad in some areas, but overall, I know it was the safer route to go. Needless to say, it was a long day of traveling. I did get to see my grandma, which I was so thankful for. I love her so much and have missed her so much since moving to Oregon. It was weird being at her home without Grandpa, and I noticed his abscense quite a bit. I have so much in life because of them, and I was so grateful to be able to see my grandma.

While down in Blanding, we were able to visit with all of my immediate family. Lynn and Jaclyn came down from Salt Lake. It was fun to have all of my family together again. I was even able to go and visit my Uncle Elmer and he gave Aaron and I some of his fabulous chocolates. Last Christmas was the first Christmas in my whole life without them, and I really missed his yummy chocolates. Christmas Eve we had dinner with my family along with Uncle Elmer. Mom made a wonderful dinner and then we had our Christmas Eve program. It was so wonderful. The children entertained us with songs, Lynn read the Christmas story from Luke and we even had a surprise visit from Santa, which the kids (except Tate) loved!

Christmas morning brought a bounty of toys and gifts! Santa had been extra generous to the Hurst family this year! I loved watching the kids Christmas morning and seeing the excitement and happiness in their faces. I loved watching their faces light up. I had so much fun watching them open their gifts! This was the most fun thing about Christmas! It made me really excited for when Aaron and I have children. The kids loved Aaron and were always wanting Aaron. It was so cute! Aaron will be a great dad one day.

Aaron giving all three girls "horsey" rides.

Christmas Bounty

Megan, Marjean and Reese

Me and Megan ( I love this picture of Megan!)

The old girls (Jaclyn, Marjean, Mom and Melissa)

Dad's Christmas Project (Dad you did an awesome job!!)

Unfortunately, the weather also kept us from going down to Flagstaff to see Lynn, Joe, Rachel and Mama Jane and Papa Doc. We missed you!

Me and my sweetie!

All in all, we had a good trip, minus the few weather related problems. But we made it to Utah and then back to Oregon safely, which I am so thankful for! I am so thankful for all of my blessings that I have! I have so much! I am so thankful for my family, for my husband's family, and of course my wonderful husband Aaron! I am so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all he has done! This is what Christmas is for me, everything else is just a bonus! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season!!