Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This last month or so we have been pretty busy. We have had company several times and have had some family events. Aaron has been working at the Dannon Yogurt Factory in a temp position and he has been busy with this. Piper continues to grow unbelievably fast. Piper loves to "talk" and spends much of her day "talking" with me and her dad. It is so sweet. I am convinced she loves to hear the sound of her own voice, which this is fine by me. I talk to her a lot to try and encourage her to do the same.

A couple of weeks ago, I took Piper to her first trip to see great Grandma Penrod, a trip which has been way too long overdue. Grandma spends most of the month rotating between her daughters and only spends one week in Genola. We drove down a couple of days in a row to see Grandma Penrod. I love my grandma so much!! She is so special to me and I'm continually amazed by what kind of a person she is. I hope that I can be more like her. I was able to take a picture of her and Piper and also able to get a generational shot.

Piper and great grandma Penrod.

Four generations of Penrod women: Grandma Hurst, Grandma Penrod, Mommy and Piper.

Just hanging out at Grandma's.

Of course no trip to Grandma's is complete without a visit to see the baby calves. Grandpa was a dairy farmer, and growing up I loved to go and visit the calves and help feed them. Of course Piper isn't old enough to feed them, but it was fun to go out and see them.