Thursday, January 21, 2010

Piper's First Christmas

A little late to be blogging about Christmas I know, but better late than never I guess. This year we had Christmas down in Arizona with the Stringer family and had a fabulous time. We had a lot of fun and it was so good to see everyone. Piper had a great first Christmas and she was able to meet her aunt Rachel, Mama Jane and Papa Doc and Pops.

Piper with Mama Jane and Papa Doc

Piper and Pops.

Mommy and Piper with some of Piper's loot.

Nina and Papa and their three grandkids (Piper, Sydney and Annika). I love this picture because it really captures Annika's outgoing and fearless personality. She was a real crack up this Christmas.

Joe and Lynn and their posterity: Aaron, Rachel, Lynn, Paul, Joe, Marjean, Piper, Annika, Sydney and Mikelle.

We had a great time. Thank you Lynn and Joe for the wonderful Christmas!