Sunday, October 5, 2008


This week Aaron had his fall break, so he was able to have Thursday and Friday off. I switched my days off last week, and worked Monday and then took off Friday so that we could go away. We went back up to Astoria, OR. This little coastal town sits alongside the Columbia River, and is where the Columbia meets the ocean. It is probably one of my favorite coastal towns, probably because it has so much history. Needless to say, we did not have good weather, it rained on us the entire time. Friday Aaron and I went to Fort Clatsop, it is where Lewis and Clark met the end of their journey and where they wintered until they could go back home. It was pretty cool and I learned more about Lewis and Clark. I also learned that William Clark who did all the maps and charting was only 40 miles off from what our modern maps say. Considering the 4000 miles they traveled, that is an amazing feat!

Aaron and I in front of Fort Clatsop

After we went to Fort Clatsop, we went across the river into Washington and went to see a couple of light houses. We went to Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, and had quite an adventure. We started out for the lighthouse with a light drizzle, but what else was new, that was not going to spoil our fun! It was only a one mile hike each way and I figured it would be worth it to go up to the top of the lighthouse and see the view. Well it didn't stay a light drizzle for long, and soon was raining pretty hard. To make matters worse, we got to the top and the lighthouse was locked, and they would not let anyone up into the lighthouse. So we hiked back down in the pouring rain. The good thing was, it wasn't too cold. We did get soaked. I was wearing a jacket, a sweater and a camisole under my sweater, and by the time we got down everything was soaked completely through. My pants had a hard time staying on because they got so heavy with water, that they weren't wanting to stay up! It was pretty funny. But we did get a good view of the lighthouse from Waikiki Beach. Yes folks, I did say Waikiki Beach. Apparently Washington has their own Waikiki Beach, although having been to the Waikiki beach in Hawaii, it was kind of disappointing.

The next day it was raining again, only this time, it was freezing cold!! Aaron and I didn't brave it outside for very long, plus we didn't have any more dry clothing other than what we had on.

Even though the weather was crappy, we still had a wonderful time. If you ever get a chance to go to Astoria Oregon, you really should it is pretty fun!